Travelling Friends

Here are some links to the blogs of friends we’ve met on the road, most of whom are doing something similar to us!

Pat and Cindy:

Pam and Terry:

Maria and Brian:

David and Lucy:

World Guy:

Malimish Airstream:


2 responses

  1. Love your Rover and the story of your trip! I hope you enjoyed your time in Nashville. Glad to hear that Scott could help you. I live just a few miles up the road from him in Gallatin, Tn. I have a 1982 Series III and I’m getting a 1962 Series IIa. I’ve been to Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards Island and loved it. The people were so nice. I told them they could come down here and classes on being nice! Sadly it was not a Rover trip. My brother and I are talking about a trip to Alaska in the Series trucks. He has lots of parts for Series trucks. Liked your music. Enjoy your trip. Check out a friend of mine and his music on Adam Pope music. Hope we meet some where on a Rover trip

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