Just two maritimers with the travelin’ bug…

It all started with the purchase of a 1960 Land Rover, the need for adventure, and the very last retro night at the Paragon in Halifax…

Although that might not make sense to all of you, to us that sentence can easily define the next big chapter in our lives.When we first met, Drew had described over drinks a Land Rover that he had just bought from his friend’s dad. After a few thorough Google searches about Land Rovers on my part, a few more jam sessions that turned into performances at local open mics, and many more date nights spent laughing over drinks, the following Christmas we had figured out what adventure would come next for us: we were going to take a road trip in the Land Rover.

Both of us were born and raised in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. Growing up by the ocean, immersed in a love for music at an early age, we knew that any travels we would pursue would have to somehow include both of these things. So became the plan to explore music along the East Coast, with no major destination but south. We want to visit the places that bred the music played by many of the great artists like B.B King, Muddy Waters, and Eric Clapton, including my favorite, Bonnie Raitt, and Drew’s favorite, Levon Helm.

We have both just graduated from university in May 2012, and hope to include both of our passions in this trip. Drew graduated from Dalhousie University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (how else could we travel in a 52 year-old Land Rover?!) with a special interest in renewable energy. I graduated from the University of King’s College with a combined honours degree in Journalism and French, focusing on documentary film. Coming with us is our new “home sweet home”- a 1976 boler camper – our musical instruments, a limited supply of personal belongings (this was not easy for my wardrobe!), and Tyler.

Our good friend Tyler Leblanc is also coming along with us for the beginning of the trip. Tyler is a professional traveler, with lots of experience and wisdom to help us on our way. He has assumed the roles of navigator and chef, as well as accompanying us with his musical talents! 

We have created this blog in the hopes that anyone reading it can enjoy this trip as much as we are. To our friends and family back home: you all have reserved rights to a bunk in the boler, no matter when or where. When we miss you the most, we’ll remember that if we put our feet in the Atlantic Ocean, we could be pretty much standing in the same place. To our future friends that we will encounter along these travels: we can’t wait to meet you. A big part of this adventure is making new friends in new places, and we welcome you as a part of this journey.

We have also posted our own music to this blog! Check out the “music” page to see what’s new. Feel free to join us in our stories and pictures, and let us know of any places we should explore!

Thanks for all your support,

Danielle and Drew


10 responses

  1. Miss you. Jokes over. Time to come back!… kidding. So refreshing reading this blog and seeing the two (well three for now) of you actually doing this. Better be having the time of your lives, love, and please be safe(Drew!!). I want my best friend back. MUAH!!!! xoxo

  2. Met you guys in the whole foods parking lot in Charleston SC. Best of luck in your travels and if you find yourself in Hilton Head, let me know and we’ll check that valve adjustment!

  3. Just responed to your post on the Florida Land Rover Club website. We would love to host you or at least meet up with you at some point in Florida. You can contact me directly through the FLRC site or the email address associated with this post so we can make some arrangements. IF you need any series parts or have a desire to fix anything, I have lots of spares and the facilities to help you out. Bon Voyage and hopefully we’ll meet up soon.

  4. looking forward to seeing you both upon your return to Florida. Do you yet know what dates you will be back in the South? I ask since we are planning to meet up for some Florida camping and wheeling and I need to plan to have that time off.

  5. This is amazing! Me and my partner Rob run Wild Rover Food (www.wildroverfood.com) from a Series II and field kitchen and are hoping to go on our travels in the next couple of years – we should hook up!

  6. Lovely blog and stories. Shame I only just found this blog and missed your trip but will be reading all about it over the next few days. I love the yellow colour of your Land Rover too and think the little colour coded caravan is fantastic – I’m so envious!

    BTW I got here from a really nice article on you and your Land Rover on fiveSpokeWheel.com

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