House Boat Construction (Phase 1)

Although we’re no longer “on the road”, we still feel the need to maintain a a certain level of adventure in our day to day lives. What better way to do so than to live on a house boat for the summer months. We dreamed up this little plan during our months on the road, and now it is finally time to put it into action.

The plan is to build the house boat over the next couple of weeks on the banks near the mouth of the Lahave River, and tow it around to Mahone Bay, where it will be moored for the summer. The Mahone Bay Civic Marina (where Drew will be working) will provide showers, rest rooms, internet, tender service, etc, for us while we live there. Mahone Bay is the perfect place to spend the summer months on the water.

Now for the build plan! The house is going to be built as cheaply as possible, since we really don’t have any money right now. The hope is that we can do it for less than $3000, but we really haven’t done any detailed cost analysis. To help achieve this we will be on the hunt for road side windows, doors, sinks, etc, during spring clean-up. We’ve also decided to float the house with 55 gal plastic drums, as apposed to fabricated pontoons. The inside dimensions are going to be 10′ by 12′ with 7.5′  ceilings and a 5′ deck on each end, making the total footprint 20′ by 12′. This may seem small to you, but when you consider the dimensions we just spent the last 6 months living within, this will feel like a mansion! So here it is.

The Houseboat

We just picked up our 16 drums yesterday (we may end up using more) for $350, which we stacked precariously onto our friend Jason’s pickup. The next step is to get some lumber so we can begin phase 1 of construction! This should be happening on Monday or Tuesday of all goes as planned.


Tune in later next week for an update! Ps here’s something for the Rover guys!



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  1. I cant wait for the Houseboat construction to begin! I just ordered plans to start building one myself, so I’ll really be watching this stage of the adventure closely!! Be sure and take lots of notes and take lots of pictures for us following along!!

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