Drew’s Technical News Report!

Hi everyone. Thanks to all that had recommendations about the oil leaking from the head bolts. The problems appears to have been resolved. I tried the dollar bill trick and there was no rythmic snapping of the bill against the tail pipe, I will remember this trick for the future David! While in the Nashville area we met up with Scott Preston in Hendersonville, I did an oil change in his shop using 20% Marvell Mystery Oil (recommended by Jeff Aronson and Scott), and since then there appears to be no oil squeezing out of the head bolts. I put some in my fuel as well. It really is mysterious stuff.

Driving Across Tennessee last week I noticed my front end felt a little loose. After hearing a second mysterious sound (metal object falling off the truck)  I took a close look underneath and found that the driver-side leafspring locator pin had sheared off and all the spacers had fallen out. This was another job to do at Scott’s.

IMG_2508                  IMG_2521

One more thing to add! We got our first flat tire in Nashville when entering the Jellystone park, home of Yogi Bear, we could only assume he had something to do with this. After a full investigation it was determined that the screw had been lodged in the tire for some time (the cause of our intermittent slow leak), and a carefully placed pebble had disturbed the screw when we entered Jellystone causing the tire to deflate completely.



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