January 16-22 (Panhandling)

After we left Cedar Key, we spent a few days making our way up to Tallahassee while working on stuff for the blog and our music. We’ve had some serious writer’s block recently with new songs, but have almost finished our second album, which we will post on the blog very soon!

Once we arrived in Tallahassee, we were greeted by our friend Paul (from the Bear Creek Festival in Live Oak) and he took us for a tour around town. We ventured out to the Leon Sinks, which are sinkholes in the limestone appearing like little ponds in a forest outside Tallahassee. We brought out our guitars and had a small campfire, learning some of Paul’s songs he’d written, and sharing some of our own. Later that evening, we went back to his place where he made us a delicious pasta dinner, and got ready for the party that he and his roommates were having later that night.

We had met Paul’s girlfriend Erika at the Bear Creek Festival too, so it was nice to see her again and catch up. Paul’s roommates are really awesome, and they are all in the same graduate program at Florida State University. A bunch of them had just finished a big city planning project, and therefore it was time to celebrate! It was really great to enjoy some drinks and learn where they were all from. Some of them were from places that we’d already driven through, so we were able to talk about what we seen in their hometowns. Believe it or not, it is difficult to find people our age to hang out with while travelling.

The next morning we woke up in our camper, and headed in to Paul’s place to be surprised with a delicious breakfast. He had made bacon, deluxe scrambled eggs and toast. He had planned to bring it to us in bed, but we regretfully rose too early. The breakfast was incredible.

Later that afternoon, we decided to head to the beach in Alligator Point, which is about 40 minutes away from where they all live. We thought it would be neat to take the Land Rover, and take all of the stuff out of the back so we could fit in a few more passengers. Dave, Smash and Erika all piled into the back. The drive up was almost as fun as the beach trip itself, and along the way we even found a path to go off-roading. Paul wanted to make a campfire when we got to the beach, but we didn’t have any firewood, so we drove around the small town surrounding Alligator Point in search of wood. We finally came across a huge pile of wood from a house (stairs and all) and asked the guys nearby if we could take some of it. They eagerly said we could take as much as we wanted, and then went inside only to come out with some apple flavoured moonshine that we absolutely had to try. “This is how we make apple pie in Florida, folks!”
Even though it had been (relatively) cold the past few days, the day we chose to go to Alligator Point was absolutely beautiful. The sun was high and it was actually pretty warm weather. We spread out some blankets, brought out the guitars and had a really relaxing day. We even saw dolphins in the shallow waters next to us! When it started to get dark, Paul built us a bonfire to stay warm. We started to get hungry after a while, and there was a seafood place called Posey’s nearby that was supposed to be delicious. This was where Drew tried oysters for the very first time – and loved them!

We had to say goodbye the next day, and were sad to leave this fun bunch, but made them all promise that they’d consider coming to visit us in Nova Scotia this summer. Paul gave us lots of cool spots to visit along the Florida panhandle, and told us where to find some of the best seafood around.

The Florida panhandle has been really awesome so far. We went to St. George’s Island first, where we got to see the lighthouse, and the sprawling white beach that was almost void of people. Apalachicola was next on our list, and it is a really neat small fishing town, well known for their sea food. Danielle got to try oysters there finally (thanks to much encouragement from Drew… when in Rome?), and we also had some grouper (a fish that’s similar to haddock back home). We were visiting a really unique antique shop, and were just about to walk into another one when a local stopped us and asked us, “Have you seen the guy rolling the earth over there?” We didn’t really know how to answer this, unsure of what he meant. He pointed to the street ahead of us, where we saw a man walking with his dog, rolling with him a giant globe. This is where we learned about World Guy.

World Guy is walking across the country, pushing this giant globe with him, to raise awareness about diabetes and also to promote staying healthy and fit. He had a lot of interesting things to say, and was very eager to get a photo with Danielle… Drew was crushed.

Since then, we’ve been traveling along the coast, stopping in Mexico Beach, Panama City Beach, and Destin. The beaches are all great as long as you can look past the resorts and mansions, none of which you can see when you’re looking out at the setting sun! We are now at the most insane McDonalds we’ve ever been at, which is complete with Mac computers for anyone to use. This place is nicer than most libraries and they serve ice cream.

Drew’s Technical News Report! We’ve recently added a couple new items to our arsenal of equipment. A 15 W solar panel and a 12 V marine grade battery. We became tired of running the truck battery dead in parking lots and having to ask for a jump so we bit the bullet… a fruitful bullet.

We’ll be out of Florida by the end of the week, so stay tuned for more of our adventures heading west!


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  1. If you like the oysters here, you should try the ones from the northwest if you ever get out there – they will blow your mind. Even Adele said she liked them. I liked the fire pictures, yesterday was Adele’s birthday and after eating out we came home with a bottle of wine and built a fire in our pit. If you stop in Pensacola be sure to give Calli a shout!

  2. I saw your land rover and camper on highway 98 driving west past Hurlburt AFB this week and loved it! My husband and I are restoring a ’62 Shasta and can’t wait to hit the road with it. Any good tips for places nearby the panhandle to ake it for our maiden voyage?

    • We loved the Panhandle! Our favourite place was definitely Apalachicola (you have to try the seafood!). All the beaches are really beautiful, we preferred the one in Alligator Point because it was the most undeveloped (and the locals gave us Moonshine haha). We hope you enjoy your trip!

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