Jan 13-15 (Cedar Key’s the Place to Be)

We have been living in a dream the past two days. We were so excited to meet Pat and Cindy Bonish, the owners of the beautiful Low-Key Hideaway, and fellow adventurers in the world of homes on wheels. Pat and Cindy have been travelling since 2007, and now they live in what is probably the most beautiful spot in America: Cedar Key (check out the link to their blog on our “Travelling Friends” page). The town, whose main industry is clamming these days, has been well preserved from modern developments that tend to take place in these sorts of areas in Florida such as condos, chain restaurants, etc.

We arrived the same day we left the Withlacoochee, unsure if they would be there or not, and to our luck they had just gotten back from a cruise earlier that afternoon. We were really happy to be able to show them our little camper, and we were looking forward to sharing stories from the road with them. Their travels and their stories are so interesting to us, since we’re doing something so similar to what they’ve already done, and meeting them in person was even better than reading their blog!

Although they didn’t have much room to spare, and all the RV spots were taken, but they gave us a generous offer we couldn’t refuse. We were spoiled with a gorgeous room off the waterfront, with a kitchenette and a KING-SIZED BED!! After sleeping for so long on our little bed that doubles as our kitchen table, we felt like we were in heaven sleeping the two nights we stayed at the Low-Key Hideaway. We spent our first evening in Cedar Key awestruck by the starry sky (since there isn’t much light pollution there) and played some guitar and sang some songs on the edge of the boardwalk.

On our first full day there, the sun was shining and it was hot hot hot! We drove into town to walk around the shops and marina, and then took out two bicycles to explore even more. We went to Tony’s, a restaurant that has won the “World’s Best Clam Chowder” three times, and enjoyed a cup together. It was definitely the best clam chowder that we’ve ever had. Back at the Low-Key Hideaway, we met another young couple staying there, Maria and Brian, who are living and working from their RV, “Stanley”, and they were really awesome to chat with. They are doing a blog on microbreweries they visit along their travels, which is especially interesting to Drew, the lover of all things beer.
We spent that evening in Pat and Cindy’s Tiki Bar, and met some other couples who are doing the same thing as us. We laughed and shared stories with everyone, and were given quite a few awesome suggestions for things to see along our route back home. We were also given some tips for finding free spots to camp, and how to make our small road budget last us even longer. Who would have thought Casinos? (Don’t worry, not in the way that you’re thinking…). We enjoyed quite a few beer and ciders, and then were told that our bill had been covered by another couple at the bar. We also got some contact numbers for relatives of the friends we made at the Tiki Bar, so that we could meet up with them before arriving home.

On our last day in Cedar Key, we got up early to enjoy a delicious (extremely affordable) breakfast at AdaBlue, then headed over to the clam hatchery next door for a tour. We had met Tom, our guide, the first day we arrived. He is really awesome, and what they do at the hatchery is really interesting. It was neat to see all the behind the scenes, and just how much tedious work goes into farming clams. One skip up and you lose ten thousand clams! We were so sad to have to say goodbye to the Low-Key Hideaway, to Cedar Key (which we might want to live in even more than Key West now), and to Pat and Cindy and everyone else we had met. Our next stop is Tallahassee to meet up with our friend Paul that we met at the Bear Creek music Festival last November.


11 responses

  1. My wife and I just moved to Cedar Key from Apollo Beach, and we completely agree with you on Cedar Key, I passed your Matching Rover & Camper on 24 and had to take a 2nd look, very cool setup!!!!!! Thankyou for visiting our (New) home town. We moved here because everyone was so polite and the Cedar Keys are so beautiful.

  2. Hey Darlins’ A big old shout out to Cindy and Pat for their gracious and generous hospitality. They sure have a gem there. But of course it takes a being a gem to create a gem…
    Cedar Key is now officially on the bucket list!
    xo love momma

  3. Hey guys! Bummed we didn’t get a chance to cross paths while you were in Cedar Key. Saw your adorable setup outside the Low Key a couple times – it especially stood out to us because we used to full time in a fiberglass egg too (now in a vintage bus).

    Rock on with this amazing trip you’re on.. the memories will last you a life time!

  4. Hi there, we were in Cedar Key the week before you at Sunset Isles and again the week after you at Low Key Hideway.

    Couldn’t agree more what a great place it is. The clam tour is not to be missed!

    I hope we camp somewhere the same week as you sometime…


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