January 7-8

We’ve had an exciting past couple of days! Monday morning we set out early so Drew could visit Rover Land, a parts store in Tampa. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry any parts for Land Rovers older than ’95, so we were out of luck, but still grabbed a picture of the sign on our way out. We were also lucky to find Rowlett Park nearby to the Walmart we’re staying at in Tampa, so during the days we’ve been spending lots of time outdoors, and also working hard on finishing up the episodes of all our videos for the blog! Hopefully we’ll have those up very soon!

The rain finally stopped today, and it was gorgeous out (it was 30 degrees Celsius for those back home in Canada!) and so we drove to Clearwater Beach to spend a day in the sun. It was nicer than most summer days in Nova Scotia.

We played at an open mic at Sacred Grounds Coffee House in Tampa on Monday night, and we are very excited to say that we’ll be playing a second show there on Wednesday night! There will be a bluegrass jam earlier in the evening, and we play at 9:00… so if you’re reading this and in the Tampa area, come and join us at Sacred Grounds Coffee House on Wednesday. The open mic was really awesome… there were comedians, improv groups, musicians and more! What really made the event unique was that you are not allowed to do any covers or copyrighted material, therefore everyone’s creative side shone through. The venue itself was really cool too, with tapestries, artwork and plenty of books for everyone’s enjoyment. We performed three songs of our own: Old Peninsula, Don’t Say Goodnight, and A Troubling Place. The pictures of us at the open mic were taken by our new friend in Tampa, James Geiger!


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