January 1-6

We’re back! We were greeted by Stephen and Adele at the airport in Tampa, and then treated to a delicious meal at Cody’s Roadhouse! We were joined by their two daughters, Cali and Paige, who were back from college for the Christmas break. We spent a wonderful three days at their home (they are excellent hosts), and finally saw St. Petersburg by day. Drew also borrowed Stephen’s garage to install seat belts in the truck, since we’re going to be heading towards the mountains on the second half of our journey.

We’re starting to make our way back north, to meet up with Aldous and his kids in the Withlacoochee to go camping the weekend of January 12th. After that, we’ll be making our way through the Florida panhandle to head towards the Mississippi! We’re really looking forward to seeing some of the iconic towns like New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville.

Ps: Keep your eyes peeled for the next issue of Rovers Magazine where you might find an article about a familiar yellow Land Rover!


5 responses

  1. Did not get to spend enough time with you over the holidays. Hope you’ll continue having a blast. Happy 2013! Hugs, K&S
    PS: Taxi is as good as new. S just broke a rib or two…Empathy taken to a new level?

  2. Good morning Danielle and Drew…

    My spouse Lucy and I will be joining you in the Withlacoochee Forest. We met Cosmo several years ago and thoroughly enjoy being in the woods with he and his family. Your adventure is amazing. We can’t wait to share a campfire, acoustic music, Land Rover experiences and “Adventure Spirit” with you…


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