December 8-31 (Christmas Vacation)

We arrived in Halifax Int’l Airport at 2:00 pm, where we were greeted by Nancy and Danny Noble (Danielle’s parents)! It was wonderful to see them, and later that day we enjoyed a welcome home feast at the Noble residence (we sure missed Nancy’s cooking!). Well fed and full of Christmas cheer we ventured on to a party in Halifax to kick off the Holiday Festivities (and reunite with fellow wild rover Tyler Leblanc!).

The rest of the holidays were spent with friends and family relaxing, partying, playing music, making snow angels, etc. Oh, and we can’t forget the World Junior Hockey Championship! Three weeks flies by when you’re having that much fun, but we treasured every minute of it. Before we knew it we were driving back to Halifax at 4:00 am, on Jan 1st, on not a minutes sleep, to catch our 10 hour plane ride (including layovers) back to Tampa. For anyone who plans on catching up on sleep on a Delta aircraft, expect a stiff awakening.



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