December 6-8 (Headin’ Home)

We arrived at Stephen’s home on the afternoon of the 6th only to be greeted by him and his wonderful rescue dog, Sammy. We inspected the spot which the truck and trailer would be staying over the holidays, and got them backed in without much trouble. Once the hard work was done there was time for some more chatting. It turns out that Stephen is in the middle of restoring his own 1960 88” Series 2 Rover! Although the project has not been a priority for him lately, we’re thinking that the presence of Ol’ Yeller in the back yard might encourage him. That evening he and his lovely wife ,Adele, treated us to a meal at their bi-weekly date night favourite El Cap. It was such a cool place (the burgers were delicious) and the cook, who had some very interesting stories, came out to chat with us for awhile.

The following day was spent packing, cleaning, and preparing for our journey home. We became anxious to see all our friends and family again, and the thought of it seemed almost surreal. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 7:00 am which meant getting up before the sun had even thought about it. Our gracious hosts also offered to drive us to the Tampa airport despite the early departure.

That evening Stephen and Adele (quite musical themselves) invited some friends over to jam and have a few drinks before we were sent off. It resulted in a pretty good session, which included guitars, a flute, a mandolin, a violin, and some astounding vocal performances. The band, consisting of us, Vit, Lynn, Stephen, Adele, and Kirk conjured up some memorable arrangements. Our favourite was a reinvented version of CC Rider, lead by Lynn who improvised an entirely new set of hilarious lyrics. Mowing the Lawn!

Bright and early on the 8th we found ourselves awaiting our departure on Delta flight 84753849 thanks to our new friends in St. Petersburg.


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