December 3rd-5th (Gator Hunters)

This is a quick post to update you on the past couple of days! After the Keys, we started our journey to Naples, Florida. On our way, we saw tons and tons of ALLIGATORS! We had been hunting for them for awhile now, and so were very excited to see not only one, but hundreds. Along the whole hwy 41, there are marshes and swamps everywhere, which is the perfect resting spot for lazy gators. We got to get right up close to them and snap a few good shots (it was so incredible to be able to get that close!). Then Drew hopped on one’s back and rode it all the way to Naples! Just kidding, Danielle wouldn’t have been able to get the truck there on her own, so that’s the only reason he didn’t actually do that.

Danielle’s Nanny Millie (the same one we posted about while we were in Massachusetts) used to have a winter home in Naples, and Danielle spent a few visits there when she was young. So we went and checked it out and took a few pictures of what it looks like now for her family. We also made a pit stop at a Walmart in Naples so we could get into the holiday spirit and decorate the Land Rover and Boler for Christmas! Happy Holidays from the Wild Rovers!

The gulf coast of South Florida is much like the Atlantic side when you’re trying to find a spot to park for the night, so unfortunately we had to cruise through a lot of it pretty quickly. It all looked the same anyway. Last night we finally found a Walmart in Bradenton that told us over the phone it would be fine to park for the night, but when we woke up this morning, we realized that we had been sleeping right next to a “No Overnight Parking” sign. Oops!

We got in one last beach day today, at America’s #1 beach, Siesta Beach on Siesta Key! It was absolutely beautiful. The sand was so white it could have been mistaken for snow… in fact someone near us was building a snowman out of it!

Tomorrow we are going to visit another Rover enthusiast, Stephen West-Fisher! He has been so kind to us, and he’s going to keep the Boler and truck safe for us while we visit home for the holidays. We’re flying home for three weeks this Saturday – can’t wait to see everyone back home!


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  1. Sounds & looks like you are still having fun. I love the Christmas decorations!! Hoping to get to see you you both over the holidays.


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