November 1st-7th (Macon Bacon)

We have finally made it to the Sunshine State! We spent the last few weeks finishing our journey through Georgia, and took some time to enjoy the city of Macon.
On the Friday night in Macon, we were looking to do something in the town, and decided to drive downtown and check it out. We began to walk around town, and heard saxophone playing in the distance, so we ventured in that direction. Lucky us – we stumbled upon an alley party (they do one the first Friday of every month) and had an awesome time. The band, called Harold E Thomas and Danger Zone, were incredible. The saxophonist was extremely talented, and they had a female singer who sang “At Last” just like Miss. Etta James herself. The restaurants which formed the alley had free samples of food, $3.00 beers, and lots of people showed their moves on the dance floor they had laid out. One of the dancers in particular was quite interesting, in fact we couldn’t tell if he was really good, or just really bad.
After enjoying the party for a while, we walked around town some more thinking of ways that we might be able to busk (we are determined!). After waiting it out in the Boler for a bit, and practicing the fiddle, we realized from the sounds coming from the bars that perhaps our style of music would not be what Macon on a Friday night was looking for. But we still had a great time nonetheless! That evening we also met a talking parrot, and took in some art from local artists at a place called The 567 Center for Renewal.
The following day we explored the downtown area in the daylight. We strolled through the small park areas littered through the downtown, visited St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on the hilltop, and relaxed at the fountain in central park.
Our next step was to head for the forest again. We drove a half hour north of Macon to the Oconee National Forest and spent two nights amongst the trees and the lake there. On the first night there were a few other campers here and there, but we had the second night all to ourselves! The lake was beautiful, and we had a boardwalk near our campsite that we were able to lay out on and enjoy the sun (with everyone back home on our minds!). In Drew’s opinion there were too many hornets there (due to the scare we had when he was stung in an earlier post).
Our goal had been to record some music, but when we arrived and tried to set up, we realized that we did not have the correct microphone cord. But trying to find a music store that’s open on Sunday near a National Forest is unfortunately not an easy task. So we gave up on that, promising ourselves we’d get some recordings done when we left, and we worked on some videos that we will post just as soon as we get an internet connection that can handle uploading to Youtube!
After a few days in the woods we began the journey to the southernmost state of Florida. It had been chilly the last few days, so we figured what else to do but go further south? We took route 41 south from Macon, viewing many cotton fields, which looked almost like snow covered fields to us. We each put on another sweater. Along the way we also found time to begin some recordings, which are coming along slowly. Patience!
Yesterday we had the experience of following the American election in America. We had a hard time following the results, but kept refreshing the screen on our phone to keep updated as the day went on. Attempting to stock up on beer for the weekend we went to Walmart (where it’s cheapest) only to find out you can’t purchase alcohol on Election Day. We can see the logic here of course but they don’t think to let you know until you’ve carried 2 cases of beer and 2 bottles of wine to the cash. Soberly, we continued to follow the results. Congrats Mr. President!
This weekend we experience the Bear Creek Music Festival! It’s going to be a truly “funky” time. We’ve checked out some of the bands that are performing, and are really looking forward to hearing them, and hopefully meeting some people to hang out with. We really wish we could bring all our friends from home with us – it won’t be the same without you guys!
We’ll have more to update you with after the festival, so check in after the weekend!


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  1. I’m lovin’ that pic of you guys standing under the “Welcome to Florida sign”….I was exactly your age when I stood in front of it for the first time too!…Happy Trails my sweeties…love momma
    P.S. Love the cowboys boots.

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