October 26th-31st (Maria and Greg)

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Hurricane Sandy has caused some major devastations along the east coast. So we were worried that we might be caught in it since we were so close to the coastline where we were. We drove away to avoid the storm, and were pretty lucky to have missed it. We’re thinking of Tom Bache and Mike Loiodice whom we met on the trip so far, and hope they didn’t get caught too badly in the storm! During our mission to avoid the storm we stumbled upon a drive in movie, which was a blast from the past. The 52-year old truck and vintage Boler looked pretty cool in the old drive in, and we really enjoyed ourselves there. We had two choices of movies: one was Paranormal Activity, and since we both get way too scared at horror movies, we decided to take the second option: the kids’ movie called “Hotel Transylvania”, which was actually really cute.
The next stop on our list was the pretty downtown of Beaufort, South Carolina. Our first day there was uneventful; we just explored the town and enjoyed the waterfront. The following day, however, we went back into town hoping we could find a place to busk… but unfortunately there were barely any people hanging around. We then decided that we should get out and enjoy a bar in Beaufort, so we chose a place called Rosie O’Grady’s where they had a karaoke night. We met the nicest couple there, Maria and Greg, who we enjoyed a good amount of drinks with, and they were kind enough to let us park in their yard. We closed down the bar after we sang a few karaoke tunes (sounding pretty good at first, and then going downhill after that) and enjoyed Maria and Greg’s company. They treated us to a huge, delicious breakfast the next morning (it’s been so long since we had bacon!) where we had our first Grits! We made some great new friends with them, and made some new plans on heading towards Macon, where Maria grew up! We hope you both stay in touch with us! We spent the morning chatting with them and then the afternoon on the Beaufort waterfront where we earned enough money to buy a pizza for supper! One of our biggest fans that afternoon was a two year old girl, who stuck around for a while with her father! This was our first chance to use the new sign we had made, although we’re not sure if anyone actually read it.
We just recently left Savannah, Georgia, which was the next stop for us. Savannah is absolutely stunning… so much of the history there is still intact, and the cobblestone roads and historical buildings create a beautiful backdrop. We explored the city limits, mostly along the waterfront, and took a lot of pictures (it’s hard not to there!). We had another movie night later on, and Danielle got to watch “Walk the Line” (the story of Johnny Cash and June Carter) for the first time. It is a really great film, and inspired us to have another night of writing music (and attempting the fiddle again!).
Earlier today we visited the island near Savannah, called Tybee Island. It’s like a tropical paradise there with lots of palm trees and beautiful white sand. Unfortunately it was a little cold today, so we put on our sweaters and walked along the beach. It’ll be time to head further south soon… even though we’re from the north, we’re getting used to the warm weather and need to find it again soon!
We are stopped for the night in Swainsboro, Georgia, on our way to Macon! The drive inland on highway 80 has been a nice change from the coastal drives and we’re enjoying the farmscapes. The white fields of cotton are new and interesting to a couple Canadians, you know. We are currently sitting in a McDonald’s parking lot so we can get some internet to put up the new blog posts. There are talks around the Boler of partaking in the Bear Creek Music Festival in Live Oak, Florida, which starts in a week, so we’ll keep you updated on if we go or not! Ps. Happy Halloween!


4 responses

  1. I’m travelling vicariously through you and having so much fun! love Momma

    “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”. Susan Sontang

    • “I’ve been everywhere, Man, I’ve been everywhere…”
      -Johnny Cash
      (Good on yer, Johnny; but I too have a ‘ways to go!)
      Glad you missed the worst of the Superstorm. Got our first snow, but nice temps this weekend. Enjoy every minute!
      Bruce and Kathy

  2. Really pleased to hear you missed the storm. It sounds like you are having fun & enjoying the music. Great stuff. May I make a request? What about a picture of “The Sign” please

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