October 18th-25th (Fiddlin’ Around)

After the open mic in Myrtle Beach, we were inspired to play more of our music, and to actually practice as we had initially wanted to do on the road trip. We decided to spend the next three days in a free campground in the middle of the Francis Marion National Forest, with no cell phone service, or other things to distract us. The campground was called Honey Hill, and using the same title we recorded a three song mini-album with an iPhone. You can find these songs on our music page! We spent the rest of our days reading books, and Drew got to use his new whittling tools to create what he claims is a beluga whale…
During our stay at Honey Hill, we ventured in to Georgetown for a day, to explore the Wooden Boat Festival. This felt a lot like home, and we enjoyed looking at all the different boats on display, as well as the live music they provided for the festival. Come on Mahone Bay – get your act together! Although we really enjoyed the music they had there, we saw it as a missed opportunity for busking ourselves.
We were ready to head back to civilization after our three days in a forest, so we headed for Charleston right after. We stayed outside the city in a place called Mount Pleasant, and did some arts and crafts to create a new sign that we got laminated for busking. We had been thinking for some time to get a fiddle… we both would love to play, although we had never had much practice before. We had been searching in various music stores, but had yet to find the perfect one. We stopped by at a local music store called Mount Pleasant Music, and met the store owner, Mike, and another gentleman there who were admiring our truck and Boler (one of them was a fan of the Trailer Park Boys… hometown fame!). We explained our pursuit of a fiddle to Mike, and we left him our number so he could look into finding one for us. He was incredible, and called us the next day saying that he had found one from a friend. We came in to look at it and it was beautiful! He sold it to us for a great price, including a hard case, bow, rosin and a book to learn the different chords and techniques. We are eternally grateful… and absolutely in love with the violin! We have been practicing a lot, Danielle still gets some squeaks out, but Drew is beginning to play with ease!
Charleston was a great old city. We stopped in for a day, and went to a local pub for some beers (or Woodchuck Cider, in Danielle’s case… her new favourite!). Charleston has the most beautiful old trees everywhere, mixed in among the palm trees. They are called Southern Live Oaks, and are probably the most gorgeous trees we have ever seen. We stumbled aimlessly along some of the narrow back streets lined with wonderful old houses and buildings and stopped for a rest in the middle of The Battery where we enjoyed the shade from their branches and watched the boats in the harbour. We are definitely on vacation. We went for a swim at a local pool later that night, since it was ridiculously hot out, and then looked up some more open mics.
We found one on the outskirts of Charleston, at a bar called Parson Jacks, which allows dogs to come in with their owners. We played a few more tunes there, and met some great people. There was a female singer there who was great (she reminded us a lot of our good friend, Leigh Haworth) and she sang some pleasant folk tunes that she had written.


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  1. Danielle, this is just the kind of personal reactions that readers love to find. I can’t wait for your article in Rovers Magazine. The edited “questions” will be on their way to you soon.

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