October 9th-13th (Outer Banks)

When we left Mike and Sheryl on Monday, we went and bought all the ingredients we needed for our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner! We made all the Thanksgiving necessities and it was delicious… we’re quite proud of not only our first Thanksgiving dinner cooked by ourselves, but also one with a lack of an oven! Too bad it was in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and not with our friends and family back home!

These past few days have been something of a glimpse of paradise. We visited Charlie and Linnea on Tuesday night in Portsmouth, Virginia. Linnea is our good friend Rachel’s godmother, and she and Charlie treated us to a delicious steak dinner complete with salad and potatoes (it’s going to be hard to get used to Boler cooking after all this great food we’ve been enjoying lately). Charlie and Linnea are travellers themselves, and gave us a lot of tips on where to visit. If it weren’t for them, we probably would have passed the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which is where we ended up spending the last three days.

The Outer Banks are a beautiful set of barrier beaches and islands that extend through the Atlantic Ocean. We’ve finally reached summer all over again, but this time there were palm trees. The drive through Kill Devil Hills was very cool, so cool in fact that it found a spot on our retirement home radar. Some of the houses we noticed were on stilts, which we presumed were in case of flooding, and many of them had cute little names. We continued through Pea Island (where they don’t have snow-plows – but sand-plows!) and Hatteras in search of an affordable campsite from which we could relax and soak up the atmosphere of this seemingly tropical land. Unsuccessful, we decided to take the ferry to the island of Ocracoke which was next on our route anyway. There we stumbled upon the perfect campsite. It was part of the Hatteras National Sea Shore, and was literally on the sea shore. We chose a site enclosed by bushes, shrubberies and sand dunes which had a private sand path to the beach, picnic area, and family of sea birds. We liked it so much that we stayed for three days, defining the term “beach bums”. We didn’t go in the water because so many people around us were fishing, and we were informed this may attract sharks.

We thought we would also inform you (our readers) of our new pet, which we acquired (not by choice) while visiting Mike and Sheryl in Maryland. When living in a Boler you must choose your pets very carefully. They must be clean, quite, small, and friendly of course. This is why stinkbugs make the perfect Boler pets! In fact, stink bug is a complete misnomer, since they only stink when you squash them, which we have no plans of doing. We have named our new pet Stink.

We are now on the Ocracoke ferry to the mainland and plan to spend the night in the Croatan National Forest in North Carolina (cross your fingers for us that we find somewhere!).


7 responses

  1. Hey, sounds like the last few days beat the WalMart parking lots. Picking out retirement places so soon!! Must admit to also really enjoying the Aerospace museum, mind you I guess I come by that honestly.
    Continue enjoying both your trip & each other & stay safe.

  2. Hey we are so glad that ya’ll enjoyed the outer banks. Looks like you enjoyed yourselves. Good luck on you continued travels. Much love…Linnea and Charlie

  3. Hey you two! Kathy and I followed a Boler trailer being towed by a Calif. pickup truck today… we wouldn’t have been aware of ’em without your blog, so thanks for broadening our (trailer) world! Its rear window sported “Kenora”, “Alberta” and “Canada” tourist stickers, but its paint job wasn’t nearly as fetching as yours!
    B. + K.

  4. I’m jealous of you two. Drew, that pony’s looking pretty handsome there fella. Your best work yet.

    OBX has world class surf, but tends to get pretty devastated during hurricanes. Another reason for me to be jealous though (the surf, not the devastation…)

    Safe travels, I’m enjoying reading!

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