September 28th-29th (Flashback to Woodstock)

We are currently sitting in a McDonald’s (where we get our best inspiration… or free Wi-Fi) in Pennsylvania. We just crossed the border from New York about an hour ago and stocked up on food for the week.

We spent the last two days pretending we were in Woodstock 43 years ago, and explored the town’s shops and sights. There’s a huge art community there, so it was neat to see some artwork and photographs that had been done by locals. It’s a little more of a tourist town than we had expected, but it was still fun to hit up the shops that brought the old music festival back to life again. It happened to be their fall festival and the town was quite busy with flea markets and live music. We enjoyed observing some of the locals who are still keeping the hippy vibe alive in the town… we especially enjoyed a man parading around on a scooter with a giant world peace flag trailing behind him.

We booked a (way too expensive) campsite nearby Woodstock. This decision was strongly encouraged by the exhausted and exhaust-fume-intoxicated driver although it was nice to take a break from the side of highways, and to gain access to some hot showers, laundry facilities and free internet. Last night we decided to give ourselves a break from the little propane stove in the boler, and we ventured into town to a local restaurant to enjoy some “sammiches” and beer. The next morning we found ourselves pushing the truck and trailer down the driveway, oil dripping from the engine and water pouring from the boler. We found out moments earlier that our water tank doesn’t hold water.

We had wanted to visit “Big Pink”, which is the house on Parnassus Lane that The Band had lived in to write their first album, but we were let down pretty badly when we arrived there. We had read up about it on the internet before we went, and people who had visited it previously said that the owners had no problem with fans taking pictures from the road. But as we started to walk down the lane, we noticed a few “no trespassing” signs. After seeing about 20 signs, hearing some angry dog barks, and a final notice giving the address of The Band’s old house including a not-so-friendly reminder that violators will be prosecuted, we decided to turn around and get back in the truck. It was cool to be where they had once lived, but it wasn’t worth spending some time in jail. It’s too bad that the owners of the house don’t feel like sharing a piece of history with fans.

We plan on visiting a few fellow Land Rover owners’ homes over the next couple of days. We have received some really kind offers from people along the coast who have seen our blog. Thanks to all who have extended to us a place to stay, or some Land Rover advice – we really appreciate it. We’ll have some interesting stories for you coming soon as the next places we plan on visiting are Washington and The Big Apple.


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  1. Glad you’re having a great time. I’m sharing your blog with many of my friends. They all say “now’s the time to do this . . . enjoy the country.” The pictures are great! Mel (your Retriever) turns 8 years old on Oct. 6th – he sends his “licks” and love!! Mom Moores

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