September 24th-27th (Crossing the Border)

We finally made it to the United States! Early Monday morning we packed up our things, said goodbye to Nathan and Drew’s Grandmother, and headed for the St. Stephen’s border. We were nervous about how the border would react to our interesting mode of transportation… and not without good reason. We were held at the border for at least 45 minutes, being asked tons of questions while they searched our boler and rover. We had initially been concerned about what they would ask Tyler, since he wasn’t staying with us for the whole duration of our trip, since he’s soon heading to the west coast, but instead they were more concerned about what we were planning to do in Key West. The guard believed that we were planning on heading to there to work illegally and find a place to live. Drew had worked as a tender at the marina in Mahone Bay, NS for the summer, so they thought he might try and do that while he was there… and then they found a bartender’s certificate in Danielle’s wallet from a course that summer, which that didn’t help the plea at all. But they finally let us through, and then we were on our way through Maine. That night we slept in a Hannaford’s supermarket parking lot in Belfast.
The next morning, Tuesday, we moved down the Maine coast towards Camden and Rockland. We stopped in Camden to busk for about a half hour, and made enough money to pay for all our meals for the day. It’s insane how inexpensive food is here compared to back home. We found a good spot to stop and camp for the night at a park and ride just outside Freeport. We set up camp with to cook a delicious pasta dinner, and played some music by candlelight. The boler is really starting to feel like home and the rumble of transport trucks is beginning to feel like a lullaby.
On Wednesday morning we got up early to head to Gloucester, Massachusetts, where Danielle used to visit her Nanny Millie and Grampy Frank during the summers. The house they used to live in was still there and looked exactly as it had as a child. Grampy Frank had owned and operated a 1920s inn/resort there, called the Hawthorne Inn, and Nanny loved one of the cottages so much that he moved it and set it up on Eastern Point Rd. The inn burned down before he sold it, so the property now has all new condos and houses on it. But it was so nice to reminisce for a bit, and walk the beaches nearby.
That night we found a perfect spot to camp hidden in the woods near the train tracks, but a cop came and gave us a friendly warning that the next cop doing the midnight rounds would not be so nice. So after dinner we moved the boler behind a Shaw’s supermarket to get some well-needed sleep. Around 7:30 am we were gracefully awoken by the sound of crying babies and laughing children.
It is now Thursday, and we are planning our trip to Woodstock, New York to visit the famous Big Pink and imagine it is 1969.


4 responses

  1. Well, busking, friendly cops & being threatened about work. Sounds like quite the start to your USA safari. It also sounds like you are enjoying it. Great news.
    Keep the reports coming & be safe.
    Your friend

  2. awe. It’s so lovely so see nanny and grampies house again. Especially with such a cool truck and trailor parked outside! Not that long ago it was a tiny pink tricycle! I love you sweeties. xo momma

  3. Wow, I just found the site and enjoyed going through it. Wow, what an adventure! Danielle, you are your parents daughter. So much like them! The stories and photos are so interesting. What an experience! I did not know about the land rover and when I first saw the pictures I was amazed. Great work!

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