September 21st-23rd (Kurt and Marilyn)

Over the weekend, we spent some time at Drew’s Uncle Kurt and Aunt Marilyn’s cottage outside St. John. We made the long trek back down only needing to remove the fuel pump once (Land Rover Owners, don’t buy gaskets from Atlantic British).

The cottage was beautiful and it was right on the St. John River. We had the cottage to ourselves on Saturday, and we spent the day lazing around, drawing, writing and playing music. Tyler put his cooking skills to work and made us a gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Later on Saturday night Drew’s cousin Nathan came down to the cottage, and we had some drinks with him along with some great card games. Danielle finally got the hang of Auction 45, but still lost once again to Drew. Marilyn and Kurt came back to the cottage around midnight, and had a surprise belated birthday cake for Drew!

The next day Drew pulled the fuel pump off again (are you starting to see a trend here?). Our friends Rachel and Robbie from Nova Scotia came down to visit us for a bit at the cottage. It was nice to have a final glimpse of home before we cross the border. Soon after that we headed over to Hampton to visit his cousin Kayla in her beautiful new house, and to see his Uncle Stewart and Aunt Dana.

We were treated to another delicious meal by Marilyn at their place in Rothesay later on that night, and spent some more time with Kurt. We got to meet Drew’s Grandmother on his dad’s side that night too, and enjoyed some of her cranberry muffins! Stewart came by later to surprise Drew with some Land Rover-fixing necessities! Much appreciated.


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  1. We were having issues with the old gasket, and the cast surface was causing a minor oil leak at the bottom of the pump. We also had it off to check the one-ways and make sure everything was clean and sealed correctly. A light sanding, and new gasket resolved the issue.

  2. Today Written by Randy Sparks
    Performed by The New Christy Minstrels
    I’ll be a dandy, and I’ll be a ROVER
    You’ll know who I am by the songs that I sing.
    I’ll feast at your table, I’ll sleep in your boler(*OOOPS clover!!!)
    Who cares what tomorrow may bring!
    Love momma xoxox

  3. Hey Ya’ll
    This is something you are going to here alot of in the south. My name is Linnea. I am a friend of Sara Whynot and Rachel godmother. You are welcome to come and send a night with us. We live in Portsmouth VA. Maybe not exactly where you want to stay but we have real beds and hot water. And food if you let me know you are coming. Just let Sara know and we will unlock the door.

      • Hey hey! I’m here at home but leaving tomorrow – too bad I’ll miss you next week. Linnea filled me in on the rendezvous – she will take very good care of you. So glad the world is a small place and friends of friends of friends are everywhere!

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