September 19th

We arrived at Drew’s Grandfather’s (Allison Blake) house at about 10 last night. This arrival did not come without a few testing moments. 30 minutes from Miramachi, Danielle, having the bladder no bigger than a kidney bean, caused a quick stop, which turned into a long stop very quickly. Long story short, the fender caught on fire. Not too far from there we found ourselves leading a convoy of about 10 cars down highway 11 (not an uncommon occurrence). Up to this point we tended to proudly lead the convoy until the next double lane came along, testing the patience each one. It turns out that the RCMP of New Brunswick have no such patience but were quite understanding of the missing seatbelts. We had a quick chat with the friendly officer and were on our way. The truck started on the first try! About a 30 minute drive from our destination it began to rain, which caused us to pull over to take the instruments off the roof. Being confident in the fix we had made at our Miramichi pit stop Drew shut down the truck…. The next 30 minutes were spent pulling apart fuel lines, unclogging them, putting them back together, and repeating the process. By this point we had created a quality gravity feed system pre loaded with fuel. A special thanks to St. Ambroise for their donation to our trip.

Once we arrived we set up the boler so we could enjoy a few beers, and jam some music before bed. So glad we brought the guitars and mandolins!

We got up early this morning to enjoy a delicious breakfast with Drew’s Grandfather. It’s been so wonderful to visit him this morning, and he’s been such a great help to get the boys set up in the garage so they can pull the Land Rover apart to fix it a bit better. It’s been so nice to have had a hot meal and get some long overdue showers! The boys ended up fixing the problem in the truck, and it seems to be running even more smoothly than before, which is a relief!

Later on we all went out for dinner in Campbellton, which is about 30 minutes away from where we’re staying. We spent a lovely evening with Drew’s Grandmother, and learned a new card game called Auction 45. Drew’s Grandfather beat us all fair and square, although we didn’t fall that far behind in the end!

We’re currently hanging out in the boler right now, playing some guitar and sipping on some good ol’ Alexander Keith’s beers. It’s such a beautiful night… being in the city you forget how incredible the sky can look at dark – there are so many stars and the crescent moon over the Bay of Chaleur is absolutely stunning.


7 responses

  1. Seems eventful considering you still have a ways to go….. to depart Canada.
    At least you are getting the bugs worked out……I bet your gonna stop and get a proper fuel sender?
    Many happy Miles………Shawn

  2. Sounds like you are to a flying(?) start. I hope you manage to get all the bugs out & can get on with enjoying your adventure.
    Looking forward to reading more

  3. As I sit here doing work… I would pay BIG money to join you in this adventure. Keep the stories coming beauties. Miss and love you. Stay safe my munchkins 🙂

  4. Have alerted my Southern peeps along the alternate routes of I-95 that the Wild Rovers are headed their way. Most of my relatives wear plaid, can tear down and rebuild an engine in 20 minutes, and are happy to provide assistance if needed. They’re pretty good with shotguns, too … I mean, if you’re running low on food. Play safe and we’ll look forward to updates from the road.

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