September 18th

We’ve finally made it. It’s the first full day on the road trip and so far we’ve only had to pull over to put up the hood four times. But it’s been great, with awesome company and the best driving tunes that you could ask for a 1960 Land Rover. We left last night just after dinner, and were so lucky to have great friends and family to come hang out and see us off, enjoy some of Nancy’s delicious cooking, and help us get the last few things packed up and ready. It had been a long week of preparation before we left – failed a safety inspection once, and had some long, sleepless nights that left us with lots of yellow and white paint and grease on our hands. But despite it all, it’s hard to believe that the day of departure has come and left already. We’re on the road now for the next few months and looking forward to the many adventures that lay ahead of us.

Tyler and Drew have had to put their mechanical skills to the test a few times today, and they have not failed to impress in the least. Who knew that filling a duct-taped beer bottle with gasoline could be the best solution to a clogged gas line? This can be attributed to Drew’s makeshift gas level float which so gracefully melted in the tank a few weeks ago. As Tyler would put it after all was said and done, “we don’t have any room for no beer filled beer bottles.” You don’t really have to understand that. It’s been a long day.

As this post is being written, we are pulling away from an Irving gas station in Miramichi after the boys have fixed the alternator that was about to fall off (good thing we’re in a 52-year old truck, right?). We’re heading north of New Brunswick for our first destination: we’re going to visit some of Drew’s family for a few days, and take some time off the road to play some music and relax with a few cold ones. Only two more hours left on the road for today – so fingers crossed we make it there! We’re missing you all back home already!


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