The Wild Rovers

This is where we will share our stories with you as we head south in the Land Rover! We may not get internet very often, but we will update the blog as often as we can. If you can think of any places we should visit, or if you have any other suggestions for our trip, please feel free to leave us a comment! We’re posting all of our pictures to flickr, so just click on the photo with each post to see more!


2 responses

  1. Hello, Danielle and Drew!!
    As Kathy and I read about your inspiration and preparations for your travels, I cannot help but hear “Ramblin’ Rover” played (loudly!) by The Fables!
    Being Maritimers, you’ve probably already heard it… Kathy and I kept hearing it on the popular radio stations in Newfoundland, and it is forever linked to the beautiful country and fine people we know from your land.
    Wishing you nothing but the very best of travels,
    Bruce and Kathy Rhymes,
    Susanville, CA

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